I regularly hold keynote presentations at conferences. I also talk to executives and senior management committees to discuss new management trends and technologies. I  introduce the latest insights in an evidence-based way, always with attention for concrete solutions customized for strategic use.

If you want to invite me as a speaker, please contact me via the details provided on this website. Below, you will find examples of topics (in Dutch and English) that I talk about.

Employee engagement

“Measuring and boosting engagement has become the holy grail of people management. But what are we actually measuring in engagement?”

Leadership and motivation

“Whatever you do, don’t try to motivate people! People will motivate themselves and you just need to get out of the way and let them get on with work and whatever they need to accomplish.”


The Future of Work

Personalization stands for adapting ‘certain’ practices to personal needs and strengths of employees. It means designing a work environment around people to allow them to be successful (whatever that success may be).

The Psychology of Innovation

“Innovation demands that we escape the echo chamber. Feedback is useless if staff are in the wrong place to digest and respond to it. An untapped but possibly crucial key to creativity and innovation is seeking external feedback on new ideas from a diverse set of people.”

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 Does coaching work? Of course, why otherwise:

  • Are coaches paid to do it?
  • Do businesses buy it?
  • Do individual clients pay for it?
  • Do people come back for more?

Well, that’s settled then. Or not?

Performance Management

“Should we abandon yearly performance reviews altogether, as an increasing number of companies are doing? Why is performance management the achilles heel of management and what can we do about it – are there alternatives?”